Kungsleden 2016: Day 7

12th August 2016

Waking this morning I pull off my snood and am once again am surprised at how bright it is. Finishing off the chia seed pudding from last night I pack up and head off.
The run down to Saltoluokta today is just 13km and the thought of showers, drying rooms, hot meals and log fires means I’m not thinking of pressing on beyond. I walk briskly and solidly to arrive just before midday. As I drop down the last descent I can see rain passing the opposite valley. There is a good chance it could come this way but I’m hopeful that it won’t be too heavy.

Board walks placed strategically over boggy areas.
Board walks placed strategically over boggy areas.
Stunning views everywhere you look...
Stunning views everywhere you look…

Arriving at the STF cabin I find there are no rooms at the inn so the decision is made. Tent it will be.
After a quick session of laundry I grab a makeshift lunch consisting of coffee, cookie, some biscuits and an IPA, or “eepah” as I was offered. I’m very pleased to be able to log the IPA in Untappd as a fine ale and slightly surprised that not only is it already listed, but the Saltoluokta STF venue is too.
The next couple of hours are spent catching up on emails and patching holes in the tent outer. I find a few minor holes which look suspiciously ‘cat like’ (if such a look exists) and tape these up accordingly. Throwing my tent up in the woods I feel more confident about its water tightness. I guess I will see tonight.

I chat with Nat, Jonas, and Tilly for a very pleasant hour. Noah is at a sleep over. I am pleasantly surprised at how chatty Jonas is. He clearly takes after his mother! It does make me miss them all but I’m also having such a great time that there is hardly the space to think of home. Apart from the tough stretches in the cold rain that is.

Unfortunately the evening meal is fully booked due to a wedding party being on site. So tonight I feast on a can of Bullens, two soft boiled eggs and the last of a packet of Krasnobrod. Bullens have been ‘bigged up’ by a few people – they are a slightly darker version of the good old frankfurter or hotdog that we all love. Yummy.

After my meal I consider visiting the sauna but being a British newbie I am unaware of any etiquette. I walk in wearing my swimming trunks to find a gentleman in there completely ‘starkers’. That’s fine, but I think I need to get the low down from someone. A question for another day!


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