Kungsleden 2016: Day 9

14th August 2016
8:30am – 8:30pm 32km

Today I feel like a man! Yesterday was more of a girls blouse day!
The weather has been great, my legs feel good, the views stupendous and I’m warm and dry.
Being in such a good frame of mind I stop to take lots of photos, as evident by the high words-to-photos-ratio!

A great start to the day ... Teusajaure in the distance.
A great start to the day … Teusajaure in the distance.

The first four kilometres dropped me down to the Teusajaure lake where there was one rowing boat waiting for me. Fortunately I could see another heading over so I waited and helped to pull them up the shore. Donning a buoyancy aid I set off across the lake. Including a stop to take photographs it took me a brisk 17 mins and I was on my way again.

A brief selfie ...
A brief selfie …
Arctic cotton
Arctic cotton

The climb from Teusajaurestugorna was steep and took a good bit of puff but I was soon on my way and making good progress. Having a lunch stop around noon by a roaring river was a particular highlight.

Mountain river lunch stop
Mountain river lunch stop

At the Kaitumjaure hut I bumped in to John and Janna once again. John was having a bad day. Janna had hers yesterday. Looks like it happens to us all. I had a craving for Coca-Cola so downed a beautifully cold can. A second soon followed as we saidaiin the sunshine admiring the view. In the bushes by the lake an elk and its calf moved around. It was very exciting to see such a graceful animal albeit slightly comical when it steps into the marsh and its legs disappear from view.eddI set off with John and Janna and walked with them for a bit, chatting as we went. Amongst other things we talked about up coming routes. I liked the sound of climbing Kebnekaise, Swedens highest mountain. Having missed the Skierfe viewpoint this was my other potential detour which I had considered. I would however need to get a wiggle on to make it to the bottom tonight if I was going to do it tomorrow.


I cut off up a small path leading away from Singi and towards Kebnekaise. It was a long pull up over a small-ish ridge but it took me a lot longer than I had planned.  At the top of a rise was a beautifully blue mountain lake. Temping and inviting as it was, to stop here would have left too many kilometres for tomorrow. I press on.

Stunning …

At 8:30pm with around 4-5km to go till Kebnekaise I decided to call it a day. Having put in 12 hours, the last few kilometres can be done in the morning.
I’m tired, happy, got sore feet and in need of some rest.
What a great day!


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